We Are From The Golf South

Where people, for generations, have endured and resisted extreme oppression and hardships. Where food and music carry forward beautiful histories of resistance. Where our strong relationships and communities support and protect us—even when other systems fail to do so.

The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy is anchoring Gulf South for a Green New Deal (GS4GND): a formation of both policy development and organizing strategy rooted in the rich histories and cultures of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

We’re creating a Green New Deal inclusive of the unique realities of the Gulf South that advances generational work in our region towards climate, racial, and economic justice.


On  May 7ths, hundreds rallied Congo Square and marched to Mahalia Jackson Theater. This served as part of the national Green New Deal tour, organized by the Sunrise Movement. Over forty local organizations sponsored the event, which brought out communities from throughout the Gulf.


As Louisiana Weekly reported, “Members of the Houma nation, as well as Mardi Gras Indians from the Golden Feather Hunters tribe both, participated, and Principal Chief August Creppell spoke first. ‘We are standing on sacred ground,” he said. “We did ceremonial dances here in the 1700s. We were the first people here, but we’re all here as one people.'”


Throughout this year communities in the Gulf South have worked to define how national conversations around “frontline community” can better reflect the realities faced in the Gulf. “None of this work is new per se, and there’s generations of organizing around all of the same fundamental issues like equity and dignity,” says Emma Collin, GCCLP Director.

We have been here before, this isn’t just Hurricane Katrina; this isn’t just the BP oil spill; this is also decades of oppression alongside centuries of divestment and underinvestment. But, the good news is, because of this we have a long history of resistance, and we know we have to protect marginalized people.

— Flozell Daniels, Executive Director of Foundation for Louisiana

Build Power from the Ground Up

In 2019, next generation leaders with the Sunrise Movement launched the Road to a Green New Deal tour to catalyze a national conversation about the Green New Deal. GCCLP anchored the New Orleans stop of the national Sunrise tour and launched Gulf South for a Green New Deal.

Continued gratitude for the 45+ organizations who co-sponsored the event and the 800+ people who attended to advance our shared goals: 1) Honor local Indigenous and Black leadership around caring for each other and the earth; 2) Create a safe, inclusive space to connect the dots around climate, climate disaster, jobs, and next generation leadership; 3) Launch Gulf South for a Green New Deal as a multi-state effort to implement the vision of the Green New Deal rooted in the unique reality of the Gulf South. We received great local coverage from the Louisiana Weekly, WWNO, and more.

Connect The Dots

Our Gulf South Policy Platform: GCCLP is anchoring a monthly call for leaders across the Gulf South (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL) to cultivate legislative priorities unique to the Gulf South as they relate to the Green New Deal. This Regional Policy Advisory Committee will center and uplift existing leadership from across our region to identify points of alignment on policy. 

CLICK HERE to join the Regional Policy Advisory Committee for our next call the first Wednesday of every month 11am CDT. We invite participants to please read the joint House of Representatives and Senate Green New Deal Resolution.


Re-Imagine Our Collective Future

Organizing is still taking shape and we are collectively developing a plan on calls the first Friday of every month at 12pm CDT.

Complete this Partnership Form to connect to Gulf South for a Green New Deal and our monthly organizing calls. We’d love to join forces. You can also connect to or start your own Sunrise Hub by going to

Gulf South For A Green New Deal Is Anchored By Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy

GCCLP works to advance structural shifts toward ecological equity and climate justice throughout Gulf Coast communities of color on the frontline of climate change.

Visit our website to learn more about Gulf South for a Green New Deal and for a full list of partners. If your organization would like to partner with this effort, please fill out this form.

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